Who’s Knockin’ At Your Door?

Molly Busacca
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Security systems have become an essential tool for homeowners to keep their property and families safe. Unfortunately this has caught the attention of some unethical companies that use aggressive tactics and sale lines to sell their brand of alarms. We get phone calls every day from customers that have been told their alarm is “not good enough” and that they need to switch to a wireless system. Whoa!! Before you believe the slick salesperson at your door, take time to call your alarm company. Find out what type of security system you already have.

Are the doors protected? Are the windows protected? Do you have adequate motion detectors? And what exactly does WIRELESS mean? Is it better? Well, the question to ask is do you have a home phone line? If not, then you want a WIRELESS way of sending the alarm signal. But don’t settle for CELLULAR, which is what these salespeople peddle. It is easily jammed by inexpensive cell phone jammers. There are better and more stable products. Do you want to arm your alarm from your cell phone? Your current alarm company can probably offer this service as well. Finally, you don’t have to be a private investigator to get the goods on these types of companies. Do a quick google search. Many of these unscrupulous companies have been banned from communities, or are the target of state wide investigations. Choose an alarm company wisely. After all, they are protecting the most important valuables in your life – your family, employees, home and business.

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