Knock, Knock. Who’s There? It May Be the Bad Guys….

Molly Busacca
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It’s a Monday morning and you are home from work. A day off that you have had planned for a long time. The doorbell rings. It must be a door to door salesperson so you decide not to open the door. Suddenly you hear cracking wood…someone has kicked out your door and is entering your home! Sound like scene from a scary movie? Unfortunately this is a scenario we are hearing about every day. According the police department this type of “breaking and entering” is sweeping across our community. A criminal knocks on the door, rings the doorbell. If there is no answer they go into action. Kicking open door, they enter and begin going through the home taking whatever they find. How can you protect yourself against this type of ruthless, fast action? As scary as this scenario sounds it is real and you, and your family, should talk about it and form a plan.

  1. Talk to your neighbors and watch out for one another. If you see suspicious vehicles or activities notify one another. Have a “phone tree” to check in with one another.
  2. If someone does knock at your door – talk to them without opening the door. Have your phone ready to call 9-1-1. If you are not expecting anyone – then expect that they may not be up to any good!
  3. Arm your alarm system when you are home alone.
  4. Make sure you know where your cell phone, or home phone is in the event that you need to call 9-1-1. Check with your cell phone provider to see if when you place a 9-1-1 call if it will automatically give your location.
  5. If someone does break in, leave the property through a back door. If this is not possible lock yourself in a bathroom or other enclosed area. Grab a phone if possible and call 9-1-1.
  6. Make a plan and follow through with it. Make sure your entire family is aware of what to do in this type of situation. Lots of pre-teens and teenagers are home alone during the summertime. Although this is a frightening topic it is critical to give them information on how to deal with this. We hope you are never faced with this situation. However, educate yourself, family and friends so we can all combat this type of crime!

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