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We provide 24-hour service. In most instances, we can walk you through the problems with your alarm service. If you are not a monitored account, this service is not available and an appointment will be set to service your alarm system at our current service rates

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Find the manual for instructions on your alarm system. We have included DSC Alarm Manuals, Paradox and Elk. Look for the model number of your system which may be found on the inside of the alarm panel. The panel – not the alarm keypad – is located in steel box separate from the alarm keypad. It may be in a closet or in the attic.

DSC 2550 User Manual
DSC 1500-1550 User Manual
DSC 1575 User Manual
DSC 4000 User Manual
DSC 4010 User Manual
DSC 4020 User Manual
DSC 5010 User Manual
DSC 5020 User Manual
DSC 1616-1832 User Manual
Paradox User Guide
Elk M1 Alarm User Guide
Exacqvision Mobile
IDIS Mobile Android
IDIS Mobile iOS/iPhone
iSecure Push Button User Guide
iSecure 7 Touchscreen User Guide
iSecure 4.3 Touchscreen User Guide
SuperLive Plus

Videos can help to understand how to use your alarm, cell phone app or camera system.  We have videos on DSC alarm systems, Paradox, Exacqvision.  Did you get a new phone or computer?  These videos can help to configure the app or software.  Not sure how to change the panel battery in your alarm panel?  Follow along as we show you how.   Does your alarm have a trouble light and the power is out?  Find out how to make sure your alarm has power and that your DSC alarm panel or Paradox alarm panel is plugged into an electrical outlet.

Need more information? Contact our office today. After hours service only available for monitored customers. Camera systems and assistance with loading apps only available during normal business hours.

How to Change Alarm Panel Battery
Exacq Mobile Setup
DSC Alarm iBridge Phone App
Exacq Web Server for computer
DSC Alarm Panel Instructional Video
ELK iPhone App how to set up
Paradox App Instructions
IDIS Mobile Plus App Instructions