Commercial Alarm Monitoring

When disaster strikes, you'll want the response to be swift to minimize damage and loss to your business. That's why many businesses in Kern County both small and large choose to invest in professional commercial alarm monitoring with Secure Systems.

Don't Make the Mistake Of Self-Monitoring Your Business.
Get 24/7 Protection.

No one can be available every hour of every day. That's why commercial alarm monitoring services are there. They take the night shift, the day shift, and every shift in between so business owners can have peace of mind and security even when they can't be on the premises of their property.

Armed with the latest technology in both software, hardware, automation, and telecommunications infrastructure, commercial alarm monitoring services from Secure Systems are always online and ready to respond to businesses in Kern County.

Security Monitoring

Your priority is the success of your business and that can keep you plenty busy. When a professional monitoring team is on the job, their priority is the security of your property and they'll give it their full professional attention.

Smoke, CO & Fire Monitoring

Commercial alarm monitoring services can also perform double duty, responding to alerts for other hazards like fire, flood, and additional dangers that could impact your business.

Cost Savings

Despite any up-front costs or monthly fees, an alarm monitoring service usually reaps benefits when it comes to protecting from property loss and earning lower insurance premiums through reducing risk.

Commercial Alarm Monitoring
Throughout Kern County, CA

We recommend wireless radio back-up instead of cellular back-up. This is because thieves can purchase jammers and disable your commercial alarm monitoring services. Many businesses have already cancelled their phone lines and have adopted wireless monitoring through radio back-up. As a result, they achieve a reliable and safe way to monitor their alarm system.


When the alarm is triggered, our commercial alarm system will send a signal through your land line or wireless monitoring. After this happens, we will call to verify that it is a real alarm. If no one answers, we will dispatch the authorities. We will also call the designated phone numbers to notify you that the alarm has been triggered. We also monitor if your power is out, if there is a low back up battery on the alarm, or if you are having trouble with the bell circuit.

Alarm monitoring can serve as a way to know when employees open and close the business.  You also put limitations on days and hours people have access.

We have no way of knowing if you have disconnected your phone line,  Your alarm panel will display a trouble light or beep.  The phone line is the only way a signal can be sent – so if there is no phone line then we do not receive a signal.  Test your system to make sure that your alarm is working. Contact us for information on wireless monitoring if you have discontinued your traditional land line.

All of our alarms can be monitored without a traditional phone line.  We use a radio back up system which is more secure than cellular back up that can be disabled by cell phone jammers.

Your insurance company recognizes the importance of monitoring.  We are happy to provide proof of monitoring so you can start saving money on your insurance costs today!

Professional Installation

Licensed, experienced technicians connect your system.

24/7 Monitoring

Trained agents respond rapidly to your emergency.

Customer Support

If problems arise with your system, we're here to help.