Business Camera Systems

Security camera systems for your Bakersfield and Kern County business can make running your business less stressful. Want to know that your employees are operating machinery safely? Need to know if someone is entering into your property after hours? Security cameras can provide that information and more.

Tired of Seeing Blurry Shapes That You Think Are People?

A well designed camera system can help to monitor what goes on during the day, and alert you if someone tries to steal from your property after hours. Our commercial security camera systems aren’t just cameras; they also double as an alarm system. With advanced motion detectors and software integrations, any “trigger” will send a video clip straight to your smartphone. A live feed allows you to make sound decisions as to whether or not authorities need to be involved.

There are huge differences in camera systems from DIY to professional systems.  The quality if reflective in the pricing, and you will know what the value is when you have an incident and need to look at footage.

Already have a camera system, but want better coverage or clearer pictures? We can update and give you cameras that actually help you to see what is going on at your business. Cameras have changed dramatically in the past 10 years. Make sure you have technology that works when you need it. In order to provide service and products we can stand behind, we do not offer installation for cameras, or camera kits that you have purchased on your own.


Upgrade to a Better Security Camera System

Technology is changing rapidly. If you have a security camera system already, you've probably upgraded your cell phone five times since then. Isn't time to upgrade the safety and security that modern cameras provide?

Video Verification

Put your cameras to work! An alert can be sent to our monitoring station, we will evaluate the image to verify it is a real intrusion, and send the authorities or notify you. A video clip can also be sent to your phone.


Clear HD Images

Camera systems have changed dramatically in the past few years. If your existing cameras do not give you clear images it may be time to upgrade to a system that offers clarity and the ability to actually know what and who is on your property.


Video Analytics

Easily search through all records of video footage based on time, location, or other variables.

Features & Options to Consider

To install a commercial security camera system that works for your business, you'll want to have a firm idea of what your priorities are. Here are just a few considerations.


Size of the Space

You'll need to decide how many rooms, buildings, or sites you'll be watching in your video surveillance. The scope of the properties will dictate many of the other considerations in setting up your system. 

Number of Cameras

How many cameras you'll need will depend not only on the size of the space but also on the types of cameras you choose and the camera's capabilities in terms of coverage and viewing angle.

Type of Cameras

There are many types of cameras depending on the application.  Analog cameras are being phased out for more effective IP cameras which allow you to view them remotely, and at multiple sites if necessary. 

Night Vision & HD

If you want to capture video in very dark spaces or for maximum security outdoors, choose a night vision camera with LEDs that allow for more visibility and special emitters to increase night vision. Similarly, most modern security cameras offer HD, but you may choose a more sophisticated model to ensure you get the best resolution.

Audio Recording

Most of the time we think visual when discussing security cameras, but some cameras can also record audio which can be an important feature when monitoring employees or customers.

Calculating Costs for Security Cameras

Your budget will determine not only what sorts of cameras and technology are best, and keep you focused on priorities for video surveillance.  Our expert security consultants will help you determine the best fit for your location, goals, budget and compliance with local ordinances. 

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