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Why Update Your Security Cameras

Why Update Your Security Cameras? Part 1

Security technology is always changing, and video surveillance cameras are no exception. With each new generation of cameras to come on the scene, there are new features and benefits to help protect people and property more effectively. As a security company in Bakersfield in business since 1980, we at Secure Systems have seen up close the importance of updating security cameras as new technology is ushered in. Here are some of the key advantages to consider. 

Using AI with Camera Systems to Prevent Commercial Theft

Theft in commercial establishments is now rampant throughout the community, and it’s not just security companies in Bakersfield that are saying so. Our own Police Chief Greg Terry has said as much, telling that commercial theft is “impacting so many of our business owners, and by extension impacting everybody in the community.” Fortunately, business owners now have access to artificial intelligence (AI) camera systems that can help them fight back. By switching to security cameras that harness the power of AI, here’s what you can expect. 

Give Your Customers the Gift of Safe Holiday Shopping

Give Your Customers the Gift of Safe Holiday Shopping

If you own or manage a retail establishment, this may be the busiest time of year. Unfortunately, it’s also a time of heightened risks for theft, both inside stores and their parking lots. As a leader among security companies in Bakersfield, CA, where the City Council recently said retail crime has gotten “totally out of control,” we have these tips for providing your customers with a safer holiday shopping experience this year.