Access Control and My Business: Where Does it Fit?

Access Control and My Business: Where Does it Fit?

Our Bakersfield security company has found that many of the business owners who are interested in access control are looking to strike a balance between keeping their customers in and intruders out. Then, there is the employee access factor. Taking all of this into account, here is some practical advice for anyone wondering, “How can access control fit into my business?”

Adopt the principle of least privilege.

A 2023 Identity and Access Management report released by Cybersecurity Insiders revealed that roughly 50% of organizations give employees more access privileges than needed. Doing this can leave the organization vulnerable to internal theft of proprietary information and valuable assets. By adopting the principle of least privilege, an organization is making sure every staff member only has access to areas they need for the core responsibilities of their respective positions. This decision can be critical to protecting data and property from unscrupulous employees. In the event that an employee needs to perform a one-time task in a sensitive area, your access control administrator can easily provide temporary access for a specific window of time. The system credentials can be added or deleted as the need arises.  The software can be housed on a local computer or you can set up service to have it managed.

Choose the most appropriate credentials.

There is no one-size-fits-all access control credential; it’s up to every business to select the right one. Whether your access control users are employees or customers, it’s important to take into account their user experience first. Would they adapt best to door buzzers, access cards, keypads, key fobs, or badge swipes? These things are especially important to consider when customers require verification to enter your business. If a customer has a series of inconvenient experiences in their attempts to enter your premises, it can be a major factor in driving them away.

To maximize the effectiveness of access control while protecting your bottom line, consider what credentials are best for the people who need access to your property.

Determine the right installation.

Another way to keep unauthorized individuals away from your sensitive areas is to assign employees their own secure entrance. By designating doors that are specific to your employees, you can make sure staff members get where they need to go and customers are unable to enter through those doors. For some organizations, a good strategy can be assigning a single front door for customers that is public-facing, unmanaged by access control, and overseen by a staff member at all times. Whether it’s a receptionist or other trusted employee, this person may act as an access management resource for that single entrance. For businesses where this is not an option, a door buzzer may be the appropriate access control system for customers. This allows you to assess who is at the door and if is a customer or delivery person.  Combining this with an entrance camera, to get a good picture of the person trying to enter, gives you a safe and comfortable way to allow access.  Because we custom-design an access control system for your specific situation, our Bakersfield security company can help you determine what installation is right for your business, its size, and your industry.

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