Do I need my phone line to have a monitored alarm system – or can I get rid of it?

Do I need my phone line to have a monitored alarm system – or can I get rid of it?

As an established security company in Bakersfield, this is a question we hear a lot. That comes as no surprise; out of the more than 416,000 people residing in Bakersfield, roughly 128,007 households still have landline telephone service.* Many homeowners retain this landline service because they believe they need it for their home security system monitoring. Fortunately, that is not the case.

Home Security with No Landline Required

If you are interested in discontinuing your landline telephone service, you can continue to receive alarm monitoring with a wireless communication module from Secure Systems. The device we use for our customers in the valley was developed by the military and is not subject to hacking and security risks that some of our competitors use.

If your alarm is triggered by a break-in, your signal will reach the monitoring station immediately. You can safely disconnect your landline service without that fear of losing your home security.

Whether you are a new or current customer transitioning from landline to wireless communication service, we are ready to provide your family with the reliable home security you deserve. 

Home Security Smart Phone Management 

When you entrust your alarm monitoring to us, your smart phone is your security system. That means you can manage all of your system’s major functions from the device you are most familiar with: your own personal cell phone. When you leave home, simply pull out your phone to arm your system using our simple home security mobile app. If you forget, it’s easy to do from wherever you are. The same goes for disarming; if a housekeeper, house sitter or other helper is expected, you can disarm the system before the arrival and re-arm it again when they leave. These home security tasks can be done in seconds, whether you’re at the office or on vacation. It’s easy and convenient. Own a business?  Remote access is a great way to make sure your employees arm the alarm on a consistent basis.  There is nothing worse than suffering a break in due to the alarm not being armed.  You can also add security cameras and view your live or recorded video any time of day on a mobile app.

Adding Home Automation to Home Security 

Your home security can be enhanced even more when you choose to add home automation to your system. Lighting can added so you  can turn on and off specific lights using your phone, so that no one in your family ever comes home to a dark house. It’s also the perfect way to keep the house illuminated when you’re gone overnight, whether it’s on a lengthy vacation or simply traveling for the holidays. who want to maximize the potential of a wireless home security system. 

So, can you get rid of your landline phone if you have a monitored alarm system and still have high security service?  Yes, and many customer find that they save money as well. Call Secure Systems for more information – we will be happy to assist you.