Free Security Grant from the City of Bakersfield: What it Can Mean for Your Business

Free Security Grant from the City of Bakersfield

As a leading security company in Bakersfield, we want to tell you about an exciting new program. The City of Bakersfield has implemented the Business Security Improvements Grants Program to support security improvements for small businesses and non-profits — specifically, those that are impacted by financial hardship or located in disproportionately impacted areas.

If your business qualifies for the program and you receive funds, this grant can make a major impact on your business by reducing the cost of your security improvements and helping you preserve more of your capital. Here is more information.

Qualifying for the Bakersfield Security Grant Program

The Business Security Improvements Grant Program uses federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) dollars to provide grants to qualified businesses and non-profits. To qualify for this grant, your business must be located within Qualified Census Tracts in the city limits of Bakersfield. You must also have a current business license with the City of Bakersfield, and you must not have any delinquent bills or outstanding liens issued by the City.

In order to meet the qualifications as a small business, your organization must have no more than 500 employees.

Bakersfield Security Grant Program Details

The maximum funding available for an applicant with qualified improvements within a City Qualified Census Tract is $5,000. Each business site can only receive one financial assistance grant to make specific security improvements. If your business qualifies, you can use the funds for any of these eligible business security improvements:

Alarm Systems

The funds can be used to install a new intrusion detection security system. The grant does not fund long-term alarm monitoring contracts, but it can certainly reduce the cost of getting started with electronic security.

Security Cameras

The funds may be used for the purchase, installation, and any related electrical work for qualifying* video surveillance cameras. This can be a substantial cost relief for a business in need of new or upgraded video surveillance.

Security Lighting

The funds can be used for purchase, installation, and related electrical work for lighting. Adequate lighting is an underrated security measure that every business needs. If your property needs additional lighting for security, this grant can dramatically supplement the cost.

Smashed Window Repairs

If your location has been damaged by a smash and grab burglary, the Bakersfield security grant can offset the relevant window repair costs so that you can bounce back more quickly. Be sure to include a copy of the filed police report in your application.

Other Bakersfield Security Grant Program Criteria

Criteria for the Bakersfield Business Security Improvements Grant Program also includes the following:

  • Grants are limited to amounts appropriate to the scope of the eligible security improvements identified on your application.
  • All improvements must conform to City Codes, Zoning Ordinance, and applicable Design Guidelines.
  • Specific permits may be required.
  • You may be required to provide multiple estimates/bids for the proposed work from contractors. Contractors must be licensed for both California and City of Bakersfield.
  • Businesses that are tenants of a building must provide written consent from the building owner.
  • Improvements cannot be started or completed before application is approved by the City.

There are other important details that applications should be aware of, so be sure to learn about all program guidelines and frequently asked questions before submitting your application.

Bakersfield Security Grant Applicants, Call Secure Systems

If your Bakersfield business or non-profit property has been impacted by theft or property damage or you have any security concerns, now is the time to apply for this grant — but before submitting an application, call Secure Systems. Our Bakersfield security company meets the qualification guidelines the City of Bakersfield has outlined. Additionally, we can help you with your application — and, we only quote you for equipment that is approved by the program. To discuss your eligibility, call Secure Systems now. We look forward to assisting you.

*The program has named specific camera brands that do not qualify for the program due to security concerns. Contact us to learn more.