The Importance of Keeping Security Cameras Clean

The Importance of Keeping Security Cameras Clean

While there are many good reasons to update your security cameras, like having access to high definition video and ensuring your cameras are weatherproofed, you want to do all you can to maximize the life of your existing cameras. As a Bakersfield security company with more than 40 years of experience, we can share one way to improve the longevity of your existing cameras, often by several years. It’s a simple, low cost maintenance task: keeping your cameras clean.

How Security Cameras Get Dirty

Outdoor security cameras are susceptible to damage from wind and debris. But in addition to the risk of damage, weather related elements like these can also create dirt, water spots and other types of build up on the lenses — and then, there is the risk posed by birds and insects who come into contact with the lens. When this happens, the integrity of your video surveillance can be severely compromised. Blurry, scratchy or grainy footage due to these outdoor elements is not something you want to experience. A dirty camera can also affect nighttime vision, as the IR emitters in the camera reflect against the dirt. To prevent these unwanted outcomes, commit to cleaning your security camera lenses on a regular basis — or better yet, ask us to clean them for you.

How to Clean Your Security Camera Lens

For times when you opt to clean your own lenses, these are the best practices. As is the case with most glass lenses, security camera lenses are best cleaned with a microfiber cloth. Do not use paper towels, tissues or any type of rag, as these can scratch your lenses and damage them irreparably. Using your microfiber cloth, clean your camera by:

  • Swiftly wiping the cloth from end to end.
  • Thoroughly wiping the outside of the camera.
  • Gently wiping the lens without fingernails touching it.

The microfiber cloth you use to clean your security cameras should be dry. A clean, dry cloth should be sufficient to remove dust and dirt. The only exception to this is if the outside of your camera has tree sap or extreme build up of dirt; in that case, adding a very small amount of soap and water before gently wiping may be helpful. However, never use soap or water near the charging port of your camera. You can also use a professional camera lens kit to safely clean your security cameras.

Check Your Security Cameras for Other Damage

When performing a monthly cleaning of your security cameras, use the opportunity to check your cameras for other types of damage. If you notice rust or corrosion on metal parts or flaking of any plastic coating or sheeting, it’s time for an upgrade to your security cameras. Likewise, any corrosion or fraying on the wires should be addressed immediately. Electrical tape will not “fix the problem”; in fact, there’s a chance it could lead to your camera shorting out and causing an electrical fire. If your current cameras have any of these defects, contact Secure Systems to discuss a suitable replacement that meets your video surveillance needs.

We want our Bakersfield security company customers to enjoy the protection their cameras provide for years to come. To improve the longevity of your cameras, you can clean them once a month using these tips — or, better yet, asking our company to clean your cameras. This is the best option for maximizing the lifespan of your cameras. If you have questions on the care and maintenance of your security cameras, contact us during business hours. We look forward to assisting you.

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