Why Update Your Security Cameras? Part 1

Why Update Your Security Cameras

Security technology is always changing, and video surveillance cameras are no exception. With each new generation of cameras to come on the scene, there are new features and benefits to help protect people and property more effectively. As a security company in Bakersfield in business since 1980, we at Secure Systems have seen up close the importance of updating security cameras as new technology is ushered in. Here are some of the key advantages to consider. 

Access to Quality Footage 

The digital migration of security cameras began in the 90s, with the introduction of technology like digital video compression and digital image capture. The first digital cameras replaced magnetic tape storage with hard drives, which meant footage that lasted longer and maintained its quality over time without deterioration. However, older digital surveillance systems still have a limit on how much footage can be stored before running out of space. By updating to modern digital security cameras, system owners can have virtually unlimited storage in the cloud. If a situation arises where older video needs to be examined, your updated system gives you access to that footage, with its original integrity intact. 

Access to Critical Features 

Many of the features not available on older security camera systems are now considered indispensable to modern video surveillance customers. Those features include the following. 

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) 

Before PoE technology emerged, security cameras required two cables in order to function properly; one power the camera and one to connect it to the internet. PoE replaces this with a single, wired ethernet cable that both powers the camera device and carries its data.

Streamlining your infrastructure this way can greatly simplify the act of managing your system — especially when multiple security cameras are involved.  

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ)

Before the pan-tilt-zoom feature was developed, system owners had far less control over the areas being monitored by their security cameras because the cameras’ fields of view were significantly more narrow. Now, PTZ cameras can use motion-based auto tracking to pan up to 360 degrees and tilt up to 180 degrees; this gives your monitoring capability a significant boost. To provide even more perspective, PTZ cameras can be paired with stationary cameras as well.     


In older security camera models, weatherproofing was virtually nonexistent. For these cameras, even minor exposure to rain or snow could lead to a malfunction. In Bakersfield, security company customers need weatherproofing to withstand the heavy winds and flood water we are susceptible to throughout the year. By updating your security cameras, you can ensure they are weatherproofed for years of optimal performance. 

Access to High Definition 

High definition images are no longer a luxury; they are now a necessity, especially for video surveillance systems in high crime areas. Video on older security cameras can be impaired by blurriness, pixelation and other defects. We believe today’s system owners deserve better. By updating your security cameras, you can have access to the high definition video that sets today’s standard. 

These are some of the most important reasons to update your outdated security cameras. If you’re looking for a security company in Bakersfield that can provide the upgrade you need, contact us at Secure Systems. We’re ready to help. 

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