Why Update Your Security Cameras? Part 2

Why Update Your Security Cameras

We’ve covered some of the key reasons to update your security cameras, like gaining access to quality footage and critical features. However, our Bakersfield security company has discovered over the years that there are many more reasons to keep your cameras updated. Here are some you may want to know about. 

More Storage Capacity 

Older security cameras are rather limited when it comes to storage capacity. Often, this results in new recordings overwriting old footage. You could attempt to save your old footage to another storage device, but it may be too late by the time you try. If you are attempting to view recordings from a specific time period or you have been monitoring activity of a specific person’s movements, this is a risk you don’t want to take. Rather than risking the loss of months of critical video surveillance footage, you can upgrade to new security cameras and get the maximized storage you need. 

Protection from Hackers

Older security cameras are often equipped with outdated firmware that leaves them vulnerable to hackers and other security risks. Even if your older cameras pre-date IP cameras (and therefore do not connect to the internet), a hacker can still hijack your signal by replacing it with theirs. And now that IP cameras are the norm, many older security cameras are no longer compatible with newer recording software.

To ensure your cameras are protected from those who would hijack your signal, upgrade to new security cameras that will perform regular firmware updates as needed. 

Motion Detection & Night Vision 

Capabilities like these are nothing short of critical now. Motion detection is the feature that enables your camera to start recording every time motion is detected in its proximity; it can save you time and money by preventing the need for combing through hours of irrelevant footage. Instead, you’ll have footage that only shows when people are on the premises and can pinpoint potential security events more quickly. As for night vision, it ensures you have clear images of anyone captured on camera at night — an absolute must if there’s a break-in or other security event at night. 

These are all compelling reasons to upgrade your security cameras if the ones you use are outdated. To discuss upgrading your cameras with an established Bakersfield security company, call Secure Systems now. 

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