Living Defensively for Personal Safety

Living Defensively for Personal Safety

We hear a lot about defensive driving, which is a set of techniques to help drivers safely mitigate potential hazards while behind the wheel (including other drivers). But as we go about our days in public, it’s important to embrace the idea of living defensively — which means tapping into techniques that can help us avoid potential threats to personal safety. 

At Secure Systems, we pride ourselves on being among the most reliable Bakersfield security companies for home and business security. In addition, we would like to offer tips that can improve your personal safety no matter where you are. Here are some personal safety tips from our local Kern County Sheriff’s Office, with our additional insights.  

Reduce Criminal Opportunities

Most of the crimes that threaten the personal safety of residents are crimes of opportunity. By reducing the opportunities for criminals, you can improve your odds of staying safe in public. Ways to reduce the window of opportunity for criminals to harm you include:

  • Staying alert – By being on your “A game” in terms of awareness – paying attention to your surroundings, knowing who is around you, and being unimpaired by substances – you can narrow the window of opportunity for someone who may wish to target you. Encourage your friends and loved ones to do the same.
  • Staying together – Speaking of those close to you, traveling in groups is one of the best ways to increase personal safety for all of you. A criminal is far more likely to target someone who is alone than someone who is with a group of people looking out for each other. There’s a great deal of wisdom to the old adage, “Safety in numbers.”
  • Stay close by – When out in the community, walk in well-lit areas that are close to nearby buildings. If sidewalks are present, use them. If not, stay as close to the curb as possible while avoiding any bushes, alleyways or other hiding places where criminals may be lurking. 

Carry Yourself Confidently  

Criminals are looking for people who seem unsure of where they are, unsteady on their feet, and possibly intoxicated. To a criminal, it’s simple logic that those people are easier targets. By walking with confidence, at a steady pace toward your pre-planned destination, you can greatly reduce your risk of being victimized. Another tip is to avoid making eye contact with strangers, as this can easily send the wrong message to an unstable person. In addition, carrying yourself confidently can also include carrying safety tools such as:

  • Personal body alarms 
  • Whistles or pepper spray
  • Keys and other defensive weapons 

Dressing Up Defensively 

Everyone likes to look their best when leaving home. Luckily, there are ways to do this with safety in mind. Instead of small, easily snatchable purses, women should consider using crossbody bags that go over the shoulder.

Wearing flashy jewelry is a decision that should be made very carefully; some criminals will not hesitate to pull it directly off the body.

And of course, no one should openly display their cash or credit cards. 

Take Tips Seriously 

By taking these tips seriously and implementing them consistently, you can keep yourself safer as you go about life in the community. Living defensively is about maintaining personal safety at all times, in all settings; in addition to these life safety tips, it can also include electronic security for your home or business. To speak with one of the most experienced Bakersfield security companies in business today, call Secure Systems. We will be glad to help you improve the security of your property. 

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