Tips to Prevent Identity Theft, Part 2

The data on identity theft patterns of 2022 is slowly trickling in, and it reveals what consumers should look out for in 2023. As one of the most trusted security companies in Bakersfield, Secure Systems has the information you need. Here are more tips to fight against identity theft in the coming year. 

Embrace Two-Factor Authentication 

Overall, California ranks 13th on the list of states with the most identity theft and fraud. But when it comes to how the states rank for the average loss amount due to identity theft that occurs online, California ties with Vermont and Nebraska for the top spot. To help protect yourself from having your personal online accounts compromised, choose the two-factor authentication option that requires you to provide a phone number or other form of identity verification, in addition to an email address. Any small inconvenience is outweighed by the protection this step can provide. 

Adopt an “As Needed” Approach Online 

In 2023, it’s nearly impossible to live our lives completely offline. However, limiting your digital footprint as much as possible can reduce your vulnerabilities to identity theft. When you adopt an “as needed” approach to your digital presence, identity thieves have fewer opportunities to target you. Ask yourself: “Do I need to be on every social media network?” To lower your profile and your risks, try limiting your presence to the platforms you spend the most time on. 

Avoid Oversharing and Third Party Access 

When using any social media platforms, avoid “oversharing” your information (for example: posting photos of your new ID card, taking personally revealing quizzes and surveys, or sharing the information of family members). Have you ever been tempted to allow access to your account via a third party app? Maybe it seems like an easier way to log in, but don’t do it. Allowing third party access is like rolling out a welcome mat for identity thieves.

By limiting your sharing and restricting third party access, you can be safer from identity theft online. 

Identity theft is still happening in 2023, but you don’t have to be one of its victims. If you’re hoping to find security companies in Bakersfield that look out for your best interests, give us a call at Secure Systems. We’ve been looking out for our community for four decades. 

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