Using AI with Camera Systems to Prevent Commercial Theft

Theft in commercial establishments is now rampant throughout the community, and it’s not just security companies in Bakersfield that are saying so. Our own Police Chief Greg Terry has said as much, telling that commercial theft is “impacting so many of our business owners, and by extension impacting everybody in the community.” Fortunately, business owners now have access to artificial intelligence (AI) camera systems that can help them fight back. By switching to security cameras that harness the power of AI, here’s what you can expect.

Intelligent Video Analytics

Traditional CCTV cameras are triggered by motion to capture nearby activity. When integrated with your security system, the motion can also trigger the alarm signal to communicate with the monitoring center. At one time, this traditional setup was the gold standard of electronic security — but the technology has come a long way since then, and commercial property owners deserve more. With AI enabling video analytics in your security cameras, every image captured can be analyzed in seconds. The AI will extract information on the behavior of subjects, and deliver you useful insights on what’s happening. Best of all, you’ll get the information directly from your smartphone.

Smart Perimeter Security

Anyone who wanders into an unauthorized area is a potential intruder as soon as they cross over the threshold — and possibly, a potential thief. AI gives your camera systems smart video perimeter intrusion detection, so you can be alerted the moment the perimeter is breached. At the same time, the monitoring professionals at the central station can analyze the video to immediately assess the threat level and dispatch law enforcement if needed. All of this happens in real time, giving you the most reliable situational awareness available with a faster law enforcement response time.

Maximized Video Surveillance

With AI powering your video surveillance, people on camera can be instantly detected and tracked; meanwhile, false alarm triggers like animals can be automatically filtered out. AI can even program your cameras to deliver you specific insights based on certain behaviors. By maximizing the power of your cameras with video analytics, you can reduce false alarms so the central station can confirm emergency events at your location and get law enforcement to your site more quickly (ideally, before an intruder has completed a theft).

There is a cost benefit as well; AI camera systems can replace your live loss prevention workforce, freeing up room in your budget without compromising on security.

Call Secure Systems to Learn More

In the past, this type of video surveillance was only possible for top organizations. Today, they’re available to commercial businesses of all types. To discuss AI camera systems with one of the only security companies in Bakersfield specializing in this technology, call Secure Systems. We look forward to meeting your needs.

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