Commercial Fire Alarm Systems for Municipalities: Why Our Local Alarm Company is Better

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems for Municipalities:

Secure Systems is proud to be one of the only security companies in Bakersfield, CA that works closely with municipalities to provide commercial fire alarm systems to Kern County schools, hospitals and other local government installations. Here is what makes us uniquely qualified to provide the fire alarm services they need. 

Experience in Commercial Fire Alarm Design 

Commercial fire alarms are a world away from residential fire alarm systems. Cities, counties and local authorities require commercial experience in fire alarm design. Secure Systems has more than 40 years of experience in commercial fire alarm installations, including schools, hospitals and other campuses. In addition to fire alarm design, we are highly familiar with permit processes throughout Bakersfield and Kern County. Our commercial fire alarm systems are designed to all specific code requirements, and we file the permit with the appropriate jurisdictions in order to ensure 100% compliance. 

Experience in Commercial Fire Alarm Installation 

As Secure Systems, we deploy our own technicians to install commercial fire alarm systems throughout Kern County. This ensures that we are in control over the installation protocol on your project, whether it’s a new school construction, a building changing occupancy or another project requiring fire alarm installation. The importance of choosing a local resource should not be overlooked; Secure Systems has all the required licenses to complete fire alarm installations, and we are highly familiar with both California fire code and local fire codes for Bakersfield and Kern County.

Rather than waiting for a large national installer to have a technician in your area, you can trust Secure Systems to schedule your installation quickly with one of our local technicians. 

Experience in Commercial Fire Alarm Inspection and Maintenance 

Fire alarm inspections, maintenance and testing should only be performed by those licensed and trained for commercial fire alarm systems. Kern County municipal buildings can trust Secure Systems to inspect, service and maintain their systems, whether or not we installed them. Our experience encompasses brands such as Hochiki, Silent Knight, System Sensor, FireLite, Honeywell and more. We can also set fire alarm testing schedules and help you keep up with fire alarm codes and regulations. Choosing a local company to inspect and maintain your system can shorten your wait times and provide you more reliable service. 

Experience in Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

Per NFPA 72, commercial fire alarms are required to be connected to 24/7 fire alarm monitoring performed by an approved monitoring station. A monitoring service is essential because it ensures that a triggered fire alarm will receive a swift dispatch of fire authorities, with the goal of protecting lives and minimizing the risk of property loss. Secure Systems provides wireless fire alarm monitoring approved by the State of California Fire Marshall. We eliminate the need for two landline phones, which many municipalities find to be an appealing advantage. If you are looking to eliminate a phone line and switch to wireless fire alarm monitoring, we’re ready to help. 

If your municipality is looking for installation, maintenance or monitoring of commercial fire alarms in Kern County, choose Secure Systems to be your resource. Security companies in Bakersfield, CA with our level of experience are rare, and we would be honored to assist you.  

About Secure Systems 

Secure Systems is a Bakersfield alarm company that installs alarms for homes and businesses. We also install residential camera systems and business camera systems, commercial and residential fire alarm systems, wireless monitoring, remote access alarm systems, access control and door buzzers in Bakersfield and Kern County. Call us today at (661) 220-5354.