Why Connected Home Security is Perfect for Kern County Commuters

Commuting from Kern County to Los Angeles is becoming increasingly more common, according to the Kern Council of Governments in Bakersfield. Many residents have to be on the road before sunrise in order to make it to their workplaces in Los Angeles County.

With the high cost of gasoline and so much time spent away from home, commuters need all the help they can get to make life simpler. One thing that can help is connected home security. Kern County homeowners who commute to work can find the most value in these features.

Door, Window and Glass Break Sensors

There’s nothing worse than coming home from a long day at work to discover there has been a break-in. Fortunately, that’s something that doesn’t happen when you have connected home security. Kern County commuters can receive an alert the moment a door or window has been breached, and a call from the monitoring center that puts the homeowner in the driver’s seat. Even if no one attempts a break-in, any vandalism to the home resulting in broken glass will trigger an alert thanks to glass break detection. However, a reminder: Your windows are protected against opening; if you want the alarm to go off when the glass is broken, then additional equipment is needed. With this combination of security technology, you can drastically reduce your risk of coming home to an unexpected catastrophe.

Doorbell Cameras for Parents

Working an hour or more away from home is hard on all homeowners, but it’s especially tough on parents. If kids are arriving home from school on their own, having a doorbell camera enables parents to watch them walk into the house safely every afternoon. If someone steps onto the porch while the kids are home alone, parents can swipe on the alert to see who’s at the door — and if desired, speak to them through the two-way intercom.

Smartphone App Access

There’s an app for everything, and that includes your connected home security. Kern County commuters can use their home security apps to manage the entire system, including arming when they leave in the morning and disarming minutes before they arrive home. That means no fumbling with the keypad while rushing out the door, or accidentally setting off the alarm when coming home after dark. It’s the convenience every commuter needs.

Commuter life isn’t for everyone — but if you decide it’s for you, we can make it smoother by keeping you connected to your home security. Kern County commuters are invited to call Secure Systems in Bakersfield to learn more.

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