Protecting Your Home from the Kern County Crime Rise

Protecting Your Home from the Kern County Crime Rise

Kern County has experienced a major crime rise over the past few years, with an increase in criminal activity rates leading to testy back-and-forth discussions between local officials and state government. Here is some information on the Kern County crime increase, and some ways to protect your home and family from its effects. 

Kern County and Bakersfield Crime Rates

Sadly, the Kern County homicide rate has nearly doubled since 2015. As of 2022, it is now 14 people per 100,000 (compared with about 6 people per 100,000 for all of California, and 8.5 people per 100,000 in Los Angeles County). Prevention efforts are underway to address the violent crime happening throughout the area, but other offenses are on the rise as well. 

In 2021, there was a 7% increase in Bakersfield in “Part 1” crimes, the FBI classification that includes burglary, larceny theft and grand theft auto. The city now receives about 300,000 911 calls a year, with almost 23,000 classified as Priority 1 calls where a life was at stake. 

Ways to Protect Your Home from Crime 

Some veteran FBI tips for protecting your home from criminals include the following. 

Don’t share vacation plans. 

Don’t advertise your vacation on social media until it’s over and you are safely back home, and be careful who you share your plans with in conversation.

Only tell one or two trusted neighbors so they can watch over your house while you’re away. 

Do your due diligence.

Hiring helpers around the house may not feel like you’re a “real” employer, but you still need to conduct due diligence to ensure your vendors are trustworthy. Whether it’s a housekeeper, nanny, dog walker or house sitter, research your candidates before hiring them. 

Don’t discount smart security. 

As the FBI expert states, new security systems are now simpler to use than ever. This alone provides an additional layer of security that can deter criminals from targeting your home. When you add smart technology that controls lights, locks and thermostats, your home can be even more protected. 

To discuss smart security systems for your Kern County home, call Secure Systems. We are centrally located in Bakersfield and a trusted security source for the community. We look forward to helping you keep your home and family safer. 

About Secure Systems 

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