How Bakersfield Security Companies are Tackling Rampant Auto Theft

How Bakersfield Security Companies are Tackling Rampant Auto Theft

Auto theft and auto part theft have spiked nationwide in recent years. The pandemic, the economy and many other contributing factors have led to a rampant problem across the U.S., wherein thieves make off with entire vehicles, or high value parts like catalytic converters, in seconds. 

Unfortunately, data shows our local area is at the nucleus of the trend. First, three of the top 10 metro areas for car thefts are in California, according to And sadly, the same source reports that the metro area with the most car thefts for the past three years in a row (with 1,023 auto thefts per year for every 100,000 residents) is Bakersfield. Security companies like ours have responded to this aggressively, because the safety of our customers’ vehicles is important. Here’s what we’ve been doing to tackle local auto theft. 

Promoting common sense security measures. 

To reduce the risk of being victimized by auto theft, we encourage vehicle owners to practice these common sense measures from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB):

  • Never leave keys or ignition devices in a parked car. 
  • Always roll up the windows and lock the doors before exiting. 
  • Whether your car is in public or at home, park in well-lit areas.

Promoting protective anti-theft devices. 

Despite the current prevalence of auto theft, there are now more anti-theft devices and other vehicle protections on the market than ever before. To protect your car from being stolen, consider implementing one of the following NICB recommendations:

  • Deploying a visible or audible device warning that your car is protected, such as a steering wheel lock or an audible alarm.
  • Installing an immobilizing device that keeps thieves from starting the car, such as a smart key, kill switch, fuse cut-off or fuel-pump disabler.
  • Taking advantage of devices that track and recover a stolen car, such as onboard telematics systems.

Promoting the benefits of video surveillance.  

As one of the most experienced Bakersfield security companies in business (established in1980), Secure Systems encourages businesses to make sure their video surveillance is working and up-to-date technologically. As we often tell our customers, cameras have changed dramatically in the past 10 years;

it’s critical to make sure you have technology that works when you need it. 

If you have commercial burglar alarm systems, but have not yet implemented video surveillance – or, you are in need of an upgrade to your cameras – now is the time to act. During the holidays, you are likely to have your parking lot filled with customer vehicles; it’s your obligation to provide necessary security. When you’re ready to speak with Bakersfield security companies about your options, call Secure Systems. We look forward to speaking with you. 

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