Simple Strategies to Prevent Mail Theft

Mail theft has become a serious problem nationwide, including here in our local area. In 2022, there was a troubling sweep of mailbox theft in Bakersfield, particularly in planned housing communities. Law enforcement has also noted a trend in thieves posting their “hauls” of stolen mail on social media. This is unacceptable, and the residents of our community deserve better. As one of the best known security companies in Bakersfield, CA, we’d like to share these simple strategies to protect yourself from mail theft.

Pay Your Bills Online

“The check’s in the mail”…how long has it been since you’ve told someone that? Hopefully, it’s been a long time — because in a time of heightened mail theft, putting money in the mail is risky business. Thankfully, most cities now offer an online bill pay service for utilities, with encryption and password protection to keep your data secure. If multistep identity verification is available, that’s something to take advantage of as well. Reputable private companies also have measures in place to protect your funds as they are transferred. If the businesses and agencies you pay every month have an online bill pay service available, using it can greatly reduce your risk of being victimized by mail theft. At Secure Systems, we offer our customers the option to pay online — or, they can be set up for autopay. Payment by credit card or ACH is preferred, as these are the most secure forms of online payment.

Sign Up for Informed Delivery

Did you know that the U.S. Postal Service offers a way to get scanned copies of your mail on a daily basis? This service is called Informed Delivery, and it involves the USPS scanning the outside of your mail every morning and sending you the digital images every day before your mail is delivered. With Informed Delivery, you can know what pieces of mail to expect every day — so that if something is missing in your mailbox, you can report it as mail theft. This free service has been available from your local post office since 2017, and more people should take advantage of it.

Set Package Tracking Notifications

Package theft is a concern all year long, but the holidays are a particularly vulnerable time for sending and receiving packages. Porch pirates hit homes hard during the holiday season in hopes of scoring big ticket items for themselves. It’s a terrible crime that victimizes both the sender and the receiver. Fortunately, you can help protect your package deliveries by turning on package tracking notifications, a service that’s available from both the U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS. Package tracking can ensure you get text and/or email alerts with the status of your package and delivery details.

In addition to this, we recommend making sure the perimeter of your property is protected with adequate home security cameras.

Consider Other Strategies

There’s nothing wrong with relying on the tried-and-true. Using the old-fashioned “buddy system” with your neighbors can be a great way to watch out for each other’s package deliveries. If you’re expecting a delivery of a high dollar item, let your most trusted neighbor know so they can be on the lookout. If you’re interested in a more advanced strategy, Amazon Hub Lockers are a great alternative.

These are some of the simplest, yet most effective strategies to fight against mail theft. If you need additional home security support through cameras, alarms and alarm monitoring, Secure Systems is ready to help. If you’re looking for security companies in Bakersfield, CA, Secure Systems is the one that puts our local community first. Give us a call today.

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