Give Your Customers the Gift of Safe Holiday Shopping

Give Your Customers the Gift of Safe Holiday Shopping

If you own or manage a retail establishment, this may be the busiest time of year. Unfortunately, it’s also a time of heightened risks for theft, both inside stores and their parking lots. As a leader among security companies in Bakersfield, CA, where the City Council recently said retail crime has gotten “totally out of control,” we have these tips for providing your customers with a safer holiday shopping experience this year. 

Display items based on risk level. 

There’s nothing inherently wrong with locking items behind plexiglass or securing them to shelves with cables, but these measures can be counterproductive — because they could be a barrier to your items selling. Research shows that many shoppers will leave a store empty handed if the item they want is not easily accessible. Instead, a better approach is to only display behind glass the items most at risk of theft. In addition, station a helpful employee nearby so that customers who want the items are not deterred from asking for assistance. 

Deploy workers to watch the floor. 

Speaking of employees, make sure you have more of them than usual covering the merchandise floor during the holidays. During this busy time, experienced shoplifters know that customer commotion (even fighting) is expected. Many of them will take advantage of that, working in teams to stage arguments as distractions. If you have enough employees on the floor, then one can handle the distraction while the others watch over the merchandise. Your paying customers will be safer because you staffed properly. 

Leverage video surveillance for security, 

In addition, make sure your video surveillance is up to date and recording in all the recommended areas for cameras in a store: above entrances and exits, cash registers, the sales floor and the stockroom. In addition, it’s important to have proper video surveillance coverage in the parking lot.

This is to reduce the risk of auto theft, which can spike during the holidays when thieves know shoppers are likely to spend more time inside stores. 

Retail crime is at a peak right now, but you can still give your customers a safer shopping experience this year. If your store is in need of upgraded or expanded video surveillance, searching for security companies in Bakersfield, CA to provide it can end here. Call Secure Systems to request more information on our business camera systems for video surveillance. We look forward to helping you this holiday season. 

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