Holiday Home Security: Keeping Your Festive Season Merry and Safe

Holiday Home Security
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As a leading home security company in Bakersfield, we want your holidays to be memorable for all the right reasons this year. Here are some ways to improve safety and security this holiday season. 


Practice Christmas tree safety.     

According to the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), fire departments in the United States respond to an average of 150 home fires per year that originate from Christmas trees. These fires happen from both natural cut trees and artificial trees, so both should be used with caution and care. Christmas trees are highly combustible, so all sources of heat should be kept away from them; the NFPA has found that once a branch touches a flame, the entire tree can be on fire within 25 seconds. 

If you have a natural cut tree in your home, water it every day to prevent it from drying out. The NFPA advises to maximize the moisture retention of the tree by cutting off the bottom with a straight cut at least 1⁄2 inch above the end prior to placing it in the water stand. On a daily basis, keep the water level above the fresh cut; when the tree shows evidence of drying out, remove it from the home immediately. 

Prevent holiday decoration fires. 

In addition to Christmas trees, fire departments in the United States respond to almost 800 home fires per year that originate from other holiday decorations. The NFPA reports that another leading cause of fires during the holidays is decorative light strands. To reduce the risk of this happening at your home, only use indoor lights indoors and outdoor lights outdoors (the packaging should clearly state which environment the strand is designed for). Check every strand for wear, tear or damage; any worn wires, damaged lights or loose bulbs means the strand is not safe to use.

Do not place hot lights over fabric, whether it’s over a window treatment or on furniture. In addition to lights, candles and other open flame decorations should never be near fabric, trees or furniture. 

Protect your delivery packages. 

Fires are not the only threat to your family’s security during the holidays. With almost 60% of Americans shopping for holiday gifts online, it is easily the busiest season of the year for package delivery. Sadly, some of those packages never make it to their intended recipient; that’s because porch pirate thieves get their hands on $8 billion in merchandise during the holidays. In fact, 80% of Americans report that they have been victimized by porch theft at some point. To protect your holiday gifts from being stolen (especially during the vulnerable daytime hours when no one is home), homeowners should have both a doorbell camera and other home security cameras mounted around the property.    Most doorbell cameras have recording capability so you can see who may have taken the package.  Secure Systems has cameras that notify you via your smartphone, so you are aware when a package is delivered and possibly have someone bring it to their home or place in a safe place.  When ordering items, specify where to place the package (side gate, or in a protected area) or, have it delivered to the post office box, delivery locker or your place of employment (verify that this is okay with your employer).  If a package is stolen, report it immediately to the company from whom you placed the order, and file a police report.  Pictures and videos help catch repeat offenders.  Most municipalities have online reporting options.

Secure Systems is the home security company that Bakersfield residents trust to help them enjoy safer, merrier holidays. Contact us now to discuss your home security needs. 

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