Facts on Flooding in San Joaquin Valley

There are extreme flood conditions throughout the San Joaquin Valley this year, including in Kern County. Alarm companies like ours are committed to educating the public on the increasingly severe flooding in the area. Here is information you need to educate yourself on the conditions and protect your property from flood damage.

Local communities are sitting on a floodplain.

Thanks to a historically high snowpack melting from the Sierra mountains, flowing into the foothills, and pooling into the Tulare Basin, the Tulare Lake has officially “returned” and is now overflowing — which means that the land around it is now a floodplain. The lake has flooded the area, impacting the land that surrounds the basin for miles. In fact, data shows that 21,000 properties in Kern County are currently at an increased risk of being severely affected by flooding.

Local officials are taking historic precautions.

SJV Water reports that while some residents are “cheering on” the return of Tulare Lake, the overflow “has destroyed family homes, livelihoods, farms, and dairies.” Officials throughout the region are taking historic precautions to mitigate these flooding conditions. On May 15, Kern River flood waters were released into the California Aqueduct for the first time in 17 years.

According to the office of the Kern River Watermaster, diverting the river was an attempt to keep as much flood water as possible off the already waterlogged Tulare Lake bed.

Local residents can protect property with flood sensors.

Sandbags and other supplies can help shield your property from water damage during flooding. But as one of the Kern County alarm companies spreading awareness of the flood dangers, Secure Systems wants local residents to know there is security technology to help detect flooding on your property. Ask us about flood sensors that hook up to washing machines and water fixtures in the home. They sound an alarm if rising water or a water-related malfunction is detected, so homeowners can intervene before a full-blown flood takes over your home. The same sensors can be used in commercial and industrial applications, including healthcare facilities and other buildings where protecting equipment from flooding is critical.

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These are some of the most important things to know when it comes to navigating the current flood conditions in the San Joaquin Valley, including Kern County. Alarm companies like ours are here to help; to learn more about flood sensors for homes and businesses, call Secure Systems now.


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