Can I have a pet AND a Security System?

Molly Busacca
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A common question by homeowners is “Will my dog set off the security system?”. The answer isn’t exactly straight forward. How many animals do you have? What size are the animals? Do they stay indoors when you are gone and the security system is set? Once we know your particular situation we can help make sure that you are protecting your home, and not compromising those special members of your family, also known as your pets. There are several elements to consider when setting up a security system with pets:

1. How many pets do you have? Most security systems use motion detectors as a back up when you are not in the house. However, a large animal or groups of animals can set off these detectors. There are special detectors that do not “detect” animals under a certain size – but again, if you have several animals, they often travel in a pack and can act as a larger mass.

2. Do cats fly when humans aren’t watching? Dogs aren’t the only pets that can set off security systems – cats, especially when there are more than one, can trigger your alarm system. The key is placing a motion detector where it does not point towards a couch, bed or other area that these feline friends may jump on (Yes, we know that they are not allowed on the counter but do the rules apply when you leave?)

3. Isn’t my dog the best security system? If it sounds like you are better off having your dog act as the security system you may want to rethink that. Many burglars simply let the dogs out of the house or yard. Now you have a home that has been burglarized and your pet is gone. Also, having someone ransack your house can traumatize your pets. It has been reported that animals are abused, and often hurt, when burglars conduct their “business”.

Don’t forgo a security system because you have pets. Always notify your security company if you get additional animals so they can determine if this will cause your system any problems. As well, when arranging furniture be mindful of creating “landing pads” for your animals that are in the path of motion detectors. Security systems and pets can live together cohesively and create a safe and secure environment for all of you!

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