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    Traveling for the Holidays? Keep Yourself and Your Home Safe

    Traveling for the Holidays? Keep Yourself and Your Home Safe

    According to the PricewaterhouseCoopers annual Holiday Outlook report, nearly half of Americans (47%) plan to travel during this year’s holiday season. Whether you are driving or flying for your trip, any time you spend away from your home is time that your home is left vulnerable. For that reason, securing your home while you travel is important – and, taking steps to make sure you keep yourself and your valuables safe is critical as well. Our Bakersfield home security company has tips that can help. 
    Holiday Home Security

    Holiday Home Security: Keeping Your Festive Season Merry and Safe

    As a leading home security company in Bakersfield, we want your holidays to be memorable for all the right reasons this year. Here are some ways to improve safety and security this holiday season. 
    Thanksgiving Home Safety

    Thanksgiving Home Safety: Protecting Your Loved Ones and Property

    If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving gathering in your home this year, you have a long list of to-dos to take care of — but no matter how busy you get, safety should be your first priority. To help make sure that happens, here are some Thanksgiving safety tips from our Bakersfield home security company. 
    3 Ways to Prevent False Alarms

    3 Ways to Prevent False Alarms

    False alarms are frustrating and can lead to many unwanted consequences. Fortunately, there are ways to help prevent them from happening at your home or business. Here are some steps we encourage customers of our security company in Bakersfield to take in order to prevent false alarms on their property.