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    Secure Systems

    Commercial Fire Alarm Systems for Municipalities:

    Commercial Fire Alarm Systems for Municipalities: Why Our Local Alarm Company is Better

    Secure Systems is proud to be one of the only security companies in Bakersfield, CA that works closely with municipalities to provide commercial fire alarm systems to Kern County schools, hospitals and other local government installations. Here is what makes us uniquely qualified to provide the fire alarm services they need. 

    Using AI with Camera Systems to Prevent Commercial Theft

    Theft in commercial establishments is now rampant throughout the community, and it’s not just security companies in Bakersfield that are saying so. Our own Police Chief Greg Terry has said as much, telling that commercial theft is "impacting so many of our business owners, and by extension impacting everybody in the community." Fortunately, business owners now have access to artificial intelligence (AI) camera systems that can help them fight back. By switching to security cameras that harness the power of AI, here’s what you can expect. 
    Living Defensively for Personal Safety

    Living Defensively for Personal Safety

    it’s important to embrace the idea of living defensively — which means tapping into techniques that can help us avoid potential threats to personal safety. 

    Tips to Prevent Identity Theft, Part 2

    The data on identity theft patterns of 2022 is slowly trickling in, and it reveals what consumers should look out for in 2023. As one of the most trusted security companies in Bakersfield, Secure Systems has the information you need. Here are more tips to fight against identity theft in the coming year.