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The 4th of July is a wonderful holiday where we celebrate our country’s birth and the freedom and liberty that make us such a great nation. Fireworks and loud noises are a traditional way to mark this day…but not everyone appreciates this…especially pets! Take some basic precautions to make sure your animals have a SECURE SYSTEMS 4th of July!.

1. The cat’s meow is no competition for noise.  Bring your pets indoors, or put them in the garage or bathroom, during the evening. The loud noise can make an animal want to bolt. Unfortunately, there are also many people that like to torture unsuspecting animals by throwing fireworks at them. So, keeping them contained protects them from the noise and people who want to perform pranks on animals.

2. Identification Tags = SECURE SYSTEMS pets! Make sure your animals have updated tags with a number that works. Frequently people forget to change tags if they move, or change cell phone numbers. Or, invest in having special chips implanted into your pet. Although they cannot actually “track” your animal, they will give information that you have provided regarding how to reach you if the animal is found. For more information go the link below:

3.  Doggie come home! If your pet does disappear over the holidays, take quick action. Canvas your neighborhood and put up signs with identifying information about your pet – name, size, coloring and other identifying features will all help. State when and where the pet was last seen. Reach out to social media sites as well. People have soft spots for lost animals and will keep an eye open to find your special family member. Post an ad on Craigslist. This is another great way to widen your circle of people that may know something about your animal. Call your local animal shelters to see if your animal has been turned in. Do not delay in taking any of these steps. The quicker you get the word out, the more likely it is that you will recover your pet.

4. Doggie’s little helper.  Talk to your veterinarian about tranquilizing medicine for your pet. Especially if you know that your animal gets skittish and nervous, it is worth taking this extra precaution. These medications can be carefully dosed to give your animal relief during this night.

We understand that your animals are part of your family. Taking the time to protect them is critical for their well being and safety. As well, you will rest much easier knowing that Fido or Fluffy will make it through the night in a SECURE SYSTEMS way! Enjoy your holiday!

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It is summertime and the living is good. We constantly encourage you to protect the most important items in your life: your family, home, business, possessions, pets…but there is one item many people overlook. You need to have a SECURE (bodily) SYSTEM to maintain your health. Not an alarm of course, but a healthy diet and lifestyle. Without this you cannot truly enjoy everything else around you. A healthy diet begins with the right foods. Summertime is a wonderful season to get fresh fruits and vegetables. One of my favorites is the tomato! It grows very well here in the San Joaquin Valley and can be served with salads, roasted or even made into tomato sauce! Here are a few tips for a SECURE SYSTEMS way to protect your health.

1. Eat your veggies. Shop at local farmers markets, or even your local grocer, for lots of great summertime fruits and vegetables. This brings up an interesting point about the tomato – is it a fruit or a vegetable? Well, botanists will state it is a fruit, while the Supreme Court ruled that is a vegetable! Seriously!!! Whatever the answer, make sure to take advantage of this versatile produce and introduce it into your everyday diet.

2. Drink water – and lots of it. Water is critical to keeping healthy by flushing out your body and keeping your hydrated. However, you can be picky about your water. It may be worth investing in a filter system – even a water pitcher with one built in – to make sure your water is not loaded with unhealthy toxins. Unfortunately, many municipal water sources have issues like this. And, plastic water bottles are not the answer either. Plastic can actually leach into the water after these bottles are exposed to extreme heat in transportation and storage.

3. Plan ahead so you can eat healthy! We are all busy in today’s world and fast food can help us in a pinch. But don’t let it become an everyday habit. Take time to shop and stock up on healthy, easy to fix foods. You can buy pre-cooked chicken and serve it with a salad for a fast and satisfying meal. Frozen vegetables can be easily heated up to finish out the plate. Educate yourself on different fruits and vegetables. Your body will thank you for it!

Security is critical in today’s world – and securing your own personal health is part of a plan to stay safe!

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It is summertime and the weather is warm! Nothing beats the heat like a swim in the pool or a trip to the lake or beach. Make sure to keep safe and SECURE by taking basic steps to keep safe.

1. Swim Lessons. It is never too late to learn how to swim! Start your children and grandchildren at a young age as well. There are lots of different options for lessons. Here is a link to the City of Bakersfield and the low cost lessons that are offered:

2. When boating or around open bodies of water, have an emergency plan. Ideally everyone should wear life vests when boating. A long stick or pole should be used to help someone who falls into the water and cannot swim. When someone is struggling in the water they can easily overtake a person who tries to rescue them – especially if they are not properly trained.

3. Sunblock is critical on a daily basis. And sunblock does not last forever – make sure to use, reuse and reapply. Your skin never forgets a sunburn – or a day in the sun.

4. Learn CPR or basic first aid. Keep a first aid kit in your beach bag or car. Even the basics, such as bandaids and first aid cream can help.

5. Swimming can be fun – and dangerous. Drowning is the second highest cause of accidental death for persons between 5-24! Set rules and limitations. Be respectful of conditions that you are unaware of – rip tides and bad weather can be a challenge for even the best swimmers. If you are tired, or drinking alcohol, it can change your skill set. Don’t take unnecessary risks!

6. Swim with a buddy! Make sure that you are swimming with someone and keep track of one another. This is especially true in the ocean or on a lake. But, don’t overlook this rule at a crowded pool.

Security extends from your home and business to the personal choices you make. Enjoy the warm weather and water activities – but take the basic steps to keep SECURE!

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Ahhhh…vacation. You have dreamt about it for months, saved your money to make it happen and researched every hotel and stop you will make along the way. Whoops…don’t forget about your home or business.

  1. No Facebook Announcements. We know you are excited about that 3 week trip to the Bahamas where there are no cell phones, but don’t let the world know you are leaving! This can be an invitation for unwanted “visitors” and intruders who frequently look on Facebook to find out who WON’T be home this weekend!
  2. Light up the night. Invest in some simple light timers to make it appear that you are home. These are easy to hook up, and actually can make it appear that you are at home. That is half the battle of keeping prowlers away! Outdoor motion lights are another great way to keep your property safe and sound.
  3. Mailbox Jam. It is a great idea to have the post office hold your mail while you are gone. As well, mail is frequently a target of criminals! They can use your credit card and bank statements to steal your identity and ruin your credit record. It is easy to stop both mail and newspapers on line. Use this link to stop your U.S. Mail Service:
  4. Safety Deposit Box = Safety Safety deposit boxes are a surefire way to protect special valuables and papers. Contact your bank or credit union to find out the yearly costs. While you are at it, make a “video diary” with your cell phone so you remember what you have there.
  5. Ring, ring, ring…. Not answering the phone may be a tip off that no one is home. Turn off your answering machine, and disable the ringer. At the very least, do not announce that
    you are gone on vacation!
  6. Free Parking! Ask one of your neighbors to park in your driveway, or in front of the house while you are gone. The movement and activity with help it to appear that someone is coming and going.
  7. Flood & Fire Prevention Consider turning off water to toilets and washing machines before leaving your home. As well, turn off the gas. This may seem extreme, but floods and fires can happen when you are gone, and it is horrible to come home to that type of mess.
  8. Don’t forget your alarm! Let your alarm company know your plan and update your call list if you will be somewhere that has no phone service or a different time zone. There is nothing worse than having something wrong at your home, such as a broken door or window, and there is no one the alarm company can call to fix the situation.
  9. Follow these tips and take that worry free vacation that you deserve.
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It’s a Monday morning and you are home from work. A day off that you have had planned for a long time. The doorbell rings. It must be a door to door salesperson so you decide not to open the door. Suddenly you hear cracking wood…someone has kicked out your door and is entering your home! Sound like scene from a scary movie? Unfortunately this is a scenario we are hearing about every day. According the police department this type of “breaking and entering” is sweeping across our community. A criminal knocks on the door, rings the doorbell. If there is no answer they go into action. Kicking open door, they enter and begin going through the home taking whatever they find. How can you protect yourself against this type of ruthless, fast action? As scary as this scenario sounds it is real and you, and your family, should talk about it and form a plan.

  1. Talk to your neighbors and watch out for one another. If you see suspicous vehicles or activities notify one another. Have a “phone tree” to check in with one another.
  2. If someone does knock at your door – talk to them without opening the door. Have your phone ready to call 9-1-1. If you are not expecting anyone – then expect that they may not be up to any good!
  3. Arm your alarm system when you are home alone.
  4. Make sure you know where your cell phone, or home phone is in the event that you need to call 9-1-1. Check with your cell phone provider to see if when you place a 9-1-1 call if it will automatically give your location.
  5. If someone does break in, leave the property through a back door. If this is not possible lock yourself in a bathroom or other enclosed area. Grab a phone if possible and call 9-1-1.
  6. Make a plan and follow thorugh with it. Make sure your entire family is aware of what to do in this type of situation. Lots of pre-teens and teenagers are home alone during the summertime. Although this is a frightening topic it is critical to give them information on how to deal with this.

We hope you are never faced with this situation. However, eduate yourself, family and firends so we can all combat this type of crime!

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