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Just when you had your smoke detector battery changing schedule down, you heard that you are required to install carbon monoxide detectors. It is true – the State of California is requiring that these detectors be installed in all single family residences – new and existing. Here are some guidelines to help you meet this requirement.

1. I don’t see any carbon monoxide so I must not need anything… Uhh, that is kinda the point. Carbonmonoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that can occur in both industrial and residential settings. In the home, it may be present when gas appliances fail to fully burn the gas. Make no mistake…just because you can not smell, see or sense this gas – your body does not like it! Carbon monoxide poisoning is fatal.

2.  Where are detectors supposed to be installed?  Detectors should be installed in the hallways leading into the bedrooms and by any gas appliances such as clothes dryers.

3. Can these detectors be hooked into my alarm system and monitored? Yes, they can. We sell and install these detectors. They are rated differently than the detectors you can find at hardware stores. Contact us for more information on pricing.

4. Am I required to pull any special permit? There is no permitting process for carbon monoxide detectors – and no one will inspect your home for compliance. However, if you sell your home, you will be required to meet this code requirement. For more information on carbon monoxide detectors, check this list of Frequently Asked Questions from the State of California’s Fire Marshal’s office.

We are Secure Systems – your Bakersfield residential and commercial burglar and fire alarm company. We are committed to keeping you safe with your alarm system – and everyday activities. Check out our website for more information on products we service and install.

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Your alarm system is just like any other part of your home or business. It needs to be checked, maintained and eventually parts will be replaced. Here are some of the most common areas to check on your home alarm system or commercial alarm system that you have with Secure Systems.

Alarm Batteries – your friend when the power goes out! Your home security system or commercial Alarm system is backed up by a special battery. The alarm battery is there to keep your alarm system operational if the power goes out. These batteries should last 3-5 years. People are often surprised to find out that their alarm has a battery – and that it needs to be replaced. It is no different than a car battery. Eventually the parts that create the chemical reaction inside the battery wear out. That is a very simple answer…if you want to “charge up” your battery knowledge, go to Batteries, like everything else in life, come in different ranges of quality. Can you buy a battery somewhere besides Secure Systems? Sure, but they more than likely will be of lower quality. When it comes to battery replacement, you either do this yourself or have us do it for you. A service call to change a battery will include a visual inspection of all alarm components and testing of the power charging circuits.

Buttons on keypad don’t button up anymore…. Really that means that the buttons are not easy to depress. On occasion we see the buttons wear out, or rather, the area where they make electrical contact wears out. It could also be that the area is dirty behind the keypad. That can happen in restaurants, industrial areas or areas with heavy dust. We can attempt to clean the keypad to see if that fixes the problem. However, there comes a point when the keypad needs to be replaced. Especially if you have heavy use on your commercial alarm system or home alarm system.

Is there enough commotion to need more motion?  Frequently, alarm users for home alarm systems or commercial alarm systems start with one or two motion detectors. Your needs change as your home and business needs changes. Motion detectors should be located in any rooms with valuables. We are seeing lots of break-ins in master bedrooms. The thieves will break a window and not open the door or window. They target one area, especially the master bedroom, and take the valuables. Call Secure Systems for information on adding motion detectors.

Call Secure Systems in Bakersfield, California for more information on your home alarm systems or commercial alarm system today at 661-326-1747 or

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Jumper Cables – your new best friend….If you are lucky enough to have never, ever had your battery die then go ahead and skip to the next idea. For the rest of us, a pair of battery cables is a must. And really, they can be a great gift idea! The set featured in the picture above comes with its own little carrying case. That keeps the car clean and they stay compact. Be sure to make sure the cables are long enough to reach around unwieldy hoods and car shapes. There is a link below for a set – but you may want something longer. Okay, the gift recipient may not be “jumping for joy” when they open this gift, but you can bet they will be silently thanking you when they need to “jump” their car in the unforeseeable future.

Help this baby breathe and sleep…I distinctly remember opening this gift at a baby shower. Not cute, not shiny, not something that people wanted to pass around and ooh and ahhh over. A vaporizer. Uh, really? They still make those? The gift giver looked me in the eye and said, “You will thank me for this some day, just like I thanked the person who gave me one.” Truer words never spoken as I watched over a sick baby that was struggling to breathe many months later. A true security system for a baby – and we still use it today if someone is suffering from a cold. And yes, go for the cool mist. That way there are no fears of hot water burning a curious toddler who decides to pull the noisy machine off of the table.

College kids like quarters…Want to be remembered for a great $20 gift? Give 2 rolls of quarters to a college student. No, they won’t buy much at the bookstore, but they will still start a washing machine and dryer at the dorm or laundromat. Yes, these little coins can add up to clean clothes. And that can lead to a SECURE SYSTEMS type of future! And let’s not forget parking meters love quarters too…and if a parking meter is fed there is less likely to be parking tickets. Ahhh, now that is true security.

First Aid Facts…A first aid kit can be the first thing you reach for in times of need! These handy little kits should have an array of band-aids, pain relievers and ointments. As well, sports wraps and sunblock can round out a kit. Voila! Now you have your own mini emergency room for small ailments. And let’s face it – a bloody finger can turn into a major ordeal if you don’t have a bandaid! Especially if you are wearing white clothes….. We like the Secure Systems sign to be red and easily seen – but bloodstains are not so fun!

Don’t be afraid to reach beyond the mundane and give a gift that is a little unusual – but will give of itself time and time again. And, security systems – whether it is a home alarm or business alarm are a great gift as well. They can offer peace of mind and protection. Call Secure Systems today to see how we can help you and visit our website at for ideas.

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You have your plane tickets, hotel reservations and know where you are going to eat. There are a few more items you need to remember to have a SECURE SYSTEMS vacation. These simple steps can make the difference between a great vacation – or a miserable time away from home!

1. Medicines are a must. Be sure to pack all of the medicines you take on a regular basis. As well, bring a small first aid kit along with pain medicine. This is especially true if you are traveling out of the country. You will not always be able to find the familiar over the counter medicines you purchase at home. Bring copies of prescriptions for yourself and all family members.

2. Give credit where credit is due. In this case, contact your credit card companies and let them know about your travel plans. This can save having your credit card flagged for fraud – and frozen. Credit card companies monitor your account for unusual activity. There is nothing worse than having your credit card denied – especially if you are in a foreign country. Also, clean out your wallet and pick only the essential credit cards and forms of identity. In the event that your wallet is stolen, you will have not lost everything.

3. Leave the royal jewels at home. Be aware of what jewelry you are wearing – it can make you a victim of thieves. Consider buying costume jewelry – especially if you are traveling in areas of high crime. You may not think twice about your nice watch and ring, but thieves spot these items immediately.

4. Keep your eyes on your fries. And your personal valuables. We recently heard a story where a SECURE SYSTEMS customer was checking into a high end hotel in Paris. They reached down to pick up their backpack at their feet and it was gone. The hotel played back the security cameras and saw a well-dressed person come by and discreetly lean down and grab the bag. This all happened in a matter of seconds. The management was stunned at how brazen the thief was – and so was our customer.

5. Be a copycat. Make copies of your credit cards and passports and pack them in your suitcase. In the event that these items are stolen, having copies will help you to get replacements much easier. Consider leaving copies with a friend or relative at home as well. Call SECURE SYSTEMS before leaving on vacation so we can note this on your account as well.

6. Calling all cell phones. Check with your cell phone carrier before leaving home to find out if there are any rate changes where you will be traveling. If you are going out of the country consider buying a SIM card for that area. You can buy a specific amount of time and use it with your existing cell phone. This is usually a much more economical way to use your cell phone when out of the country. This is most easily done BEFORE you leave. There are many services that offer this online.

Thank you for following the SECURE SYTEMS blog. We are a Bakersfield Alarm Company that specializes in security systems, fire alarm systems, alarm monitoring, wireless alarms for hard to reach places. For more information go to

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We are frequently asked about the “typical” way a break in occurs. There are statistics regarding the most common entry points – as the diagram above shows the FRONT DOOR is the most common entry point. However, you can never really predict how an intruder will enter your home or business. There are steps you can take to make your property unattractive to would be thieves.

1. Let there be light. Never underestimate the power of a well lit property. This includes trimming bushes and shrubs so that doors and windows are visible. Consider installing motion detector lights outside,and put your inside lights on timers. This is especially critical when you are on vacation. The more likely there appears to be activity, the less likely someone will attempt to break in.

2. Lock your doors. Yes, I repeated it again. Lock your doors. One study showed that 12% of all burglaries occurred through an unlocked door. And if you have a hide a key…make sure you hide that key well!!!! Burglars frequently find and use those keys. They like things to be easy too. Most burglaries occur during the day – between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. (when people leave for work and kids return home from school). So, it is extremely important to leave your house locked – including all windows. Make sure that everything is in working order as well. If you can jimmy open a back window then the bad guys can too…

3. Set your alarm system. If you have made the investment of an alarm system, then you need to use it. Not sure how to use it? Afraid that it will false alarm? Do your pets set off the alarm? Call us to have these problems resolved. Alarm equipment is like everything else – it needs to be maintained and updated. There are special motion detectors that will not see animals (up to a certain size). Or, you can arm the system with the motion detectors off if you feel more comfortable. Homes without alarm systems are 3 times more likely to be broken into than homes with alarms. But, if you don’t activate it, you put yourself in the former category!

There are lots of security system measures that will increase your home security and business security while making you less likely to be a victim of crime. There are wireless alarm systems, security camera systems, alarm monitoring and motion detectors that can all enhance your protection For more information go to

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